Eye Gaze Clinics

Eye Gaze Clinics in schools and hospitals

Link-AT is offering Eye Gaze Clinics in schools and hospitals. It’s a great way to explore the power of Gaze Interaction and Eye Tracking with a number of potential users. An eye gaze assessor will come to your school or hospital and trial the technology with a number of users throughout the day. We recommend at least 20 mins per session as this will provide just enough time to get a reasonable overview of a users potential.

We will set up a Tobii PCEye Go or Tobii I-Series with a selection of resources aimed at introducing eye controlled activities including:

  • Eye gaze sensory experiences
  • Eye gaming/turn taking with existing software in school
  • Eyetracking individuals – revealing the eye movements and response times of individual students/patients
  • Learn about positioning and calibration
  • AAC vocabularies

The clinics are based on the Tobii Eye Gaze Learning Curve.